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Buckfast Bee colonies:
High Quality bees for your hives

Developed by Brother Adam at Buckfast Abbey in England in the early 20th century, these bees are the result of careful crossbreeding between several European bee breeds. Their worldwide popularity stems from their ability to combine desirable traits such as obedience, disease resistance and exceptional crop performance.

Buckfast volk in volle activiteit

Discover the Buckfast Bees: A Fusion of Performance and Versatility

First of all, Buckfast bees are distinguished by their adaptability to different environments. They thrive in a variety of climatic conditions and flower sources, making them a versatile choice for beekeepers operating in regions with different seasons and climates.

Gentle Character

Another important advantage of Buckfast bees is their gentle nature. Unlike some more aggressive breeds, Buckfast are known for their calm and cooperative behavior. Their obedience facilitates colony manipulation, which reduces the risk of attacks and stings for the beekeeper and those around them.

Buckfast volk op de ramen
Bijen op het raam.jpeg

Harvest Performance

Finally, Buckfast bees are distinguished by their exceptional harvest performance. Their ability to efficiently explore flower resources and produce generous amounts of honey makes them attractive to both commercial and amateur beekeepers. Furthermore, their tendency to maintain large populations throughout the harvest season contributes to high honey yields.

Why choose Buckfast Bees ?

All in all, Buckfast bees offer a unique combination of resilience, adaptability, gentle nature and harvest performance, making them a favorite choice for beekeepers around the world. Whether bee conservation, honey production or crop pollination, Buckfast bees are a reliable choice for those who want to thrive in modern beekeeping.

Buckfast swarms for sale

Bee My Queen offers you Buckfast swarms for sale

Bee colonies are not delivered. Only collection from BeemyQueen Numansdorp is possible. Please ensure you choose collection before payment

Buckfast swarm in Spaarkast frame :

Buckfast colonies in Dadant Blatt frames

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