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Bee my Queen has the ambition to contribute to the conservation of bees and the development of colonies. We pay particular attention to black bees, European endemic species, they are gradually disappearing in favor of other species less adapted to the environment.

Our means of action is sponsorship: we offer companies and individuals the opportunity to sponsor bees or entire hives. In gratitude, the bees offer their godfather the fruit of their labor, a portion of their honey.

Throughout the year, sponsors receive honey pots that match their sponsorship. For companies, their logo or name will appear on the label of the jars.

Beekeeper with Honeycomb



With Bee My Queen

Bee sponsorship is:
The development of new bee colonies
Human and financial support for the beekeeper,
support of nature
Annual monitoring of your bees (photos, news, etc.),
An invitation to various workshops
The supply of honey pots.

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