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Bee cause bee matter

Bee my Queen has the ambition to contribute to the conservation of bees and the development of colonies. We pay particular attention to black bees, European endemic species, they are gradually disappearing in favor of other species less adapted to the environment.

Our means of action is sponsorship: we offer companies and individuals the opportunity to sponsor bees or entire hives. In gratitude, the bees offer their godfather the fruit of their labor, a portion of their honey.

Throughout the year, sponsors receive honey pots that match their sponsorship. For companies, their logo or name will appear on the label of the jars.

Sponsoring a beehive is a concrete act that protects the bees, supports beekeeping and makes a gesture for the environment.


Bzzzzzzz in nature

As a responsible and ecological company, we are committed to keeping bees in their natural habitat in a local and sustainable way. Check out the rest of our site to learn more about our initiatives and products.

All included :

Sponsoring a beehive is a concrete act that allows you to participate in saving bees, supporting beekeeping, acting for the environment and becoming a "Bee Protector".


Sponsor a hive and Beemyqueen will take care of everything:


  • Installation of cabinets, with your logo.

  • Care and maintenance of beehives

  • Harvest and store honey with personalized labels

  • Regular newsletters and content to unite your collaborators around your project and communicate your commitment.


You will be able to share a moment with the workers and your beekeeper around a hive.

All honey produced by your hive is yours, regardless of the amount produced.

Optional: Multiple workshops about the fascinating world of bees and honey

Hives can be installed:

  • directly on the roof of your company,

  • on one of your lands,

  • in one of our apiaries.

Beehive sponsorship:
The many benefits

Sponsoring a beehive offers numerous benefits, both personally, environmentally and socially. Here are some benefits of sponsoring a beehive:

  1. Environmental contribution: Sponsoring a beehive directly contributes to the conservation of bees and the environment. Bees play an essential role in pollinating crops and maintaining biodiversity.

  2. Awareness of biodiversity : By sponsoring a beehive you raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity and the need to protect pollinators.

  3. Delivery of bee products: As a sponsor you can usually receive some of the bee products, such as honey. This is a wonderful and natural reward.

  4. Social involvement: Sponsoring a beehive can increase a sense of belonging in a community committed to environmental protection.

  5. Education: As a sponsor you can learn more about the fascinating world ofbees and beekeeping. You will be regularly informed about the health of your beehive and its inhabitants.

  6. Corporate Social Responsibility: For companies, sponsoring a beehive can be a way to demonstrate commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness.

  7. Local impact: Sponsoring a beehive can contribute to the local production of honey and the pollination of local crops, strengthening the local economy and sustainability.

  8. Reduction of environmental stress: By sponsoring a beehive you indirectly contribute to reducing environmental stress related to habitat loss for bees.

  9. Gift opportunity: The harvestedhoney can be gifted to your employees, customers or business partners, strengthening business relationships.

  10. Personal satisfaction: Sponsoring a beehive can provide great personal satisfaction, knowing that you are helping to protect an essential element in our ecosystem.

Sponsoring a beehive is a wonderful initiative that offers numerous benefits and can have a positive impact for both you and the planet.

FAQs about beehive sponsorship:


What is hive sponsorship?

Bee sponsorship is a program in which individuals or companies financially support bee colonies. The aim is to promote bee populations, contribute to environmental conservation and receive some benefits in return, such as honey or other bee products.


Why is bee sponsorship important?

Bees play a crucial role in crop pollination and biodiversity. Sponsorship helps conserve bees, which is essential for food supply and the environment.


What does our bee sponsorship program include?

Our bee sponsorship program includes funding and supporting bee colonies. Sponsors contribute to the costs of bee colonies, maintenance, and the conservation of bee habitats.


How does beehive sponsorship work?

Sponsors can adopt a bee colony and support their continued care. In return, they often receive honey or other bee products, as well as updates on the progress of their bee colony.


What are the benefits of bee sponsorship?

Bee sponsors contribute to the conservation of bees and support nature. They can enjoy locally produced honey and other bee products, and receive information about the importance of bees to the environment.


 How much does it cost to sponsor bees?

The cost of bee sponsorship varies depending on the program and region. You can find the specific costs and details  by contacting us.


How to sponsor bees?

You can register for bee sponsorship by completing our online contact form. We will contact you very quickly


I don't have space, but I want to sponsor a beehive?

You can sponsor beehives to be placed at one of our locations, you will receive regular updates about your bees.


How much honey will I be able to harvest?

The amount of honey mainly depends on the available sources. A beehive produces approximately 40 kg of honey per year, which you can offer to your employees, suppliers or customers.

Need more information: leave a message and we'll get back to you.
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