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Buckfast queens

The Buckfast queens are marked and sold in a cage with a few attendants. We select and breed the softest, healthiest and most productive queens. These F2 queens are specially selected for honey production.


These queens are perfect for production colonies. They are fertilized in an environment where only pure Buckfast colonies are present. To create optimal quality queens, the fertilization environment is saturated with pure Buckfast breed drones.

The fertilized queens will be available from mid-May, depending on the weather. All Buckfast queens are shipped in Nicot plastic cages. The cage is a combined shipping and introduction cage. All queens are sent by post or can be picked up in Numansdorp by appointment.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have specific wishes or questions about delivery and shipping.

Buckfast Queens F1 2024

Sessie 3 : 07 juni : uitverkocht
Sessie 4 : 14 juni : uitverkocht
Sessie 5 : 21 juni : uitverkocht
Sessie 5 : 06 juli : Beschikbaar

Pissenlit, fleurs de printemps

It is always better to pick up your queens in Numansdorp. Shipments are made on Mondays to avoid the queens having to spend the weekend with the delivery person.

Queens 2024

Sessie 3 : 07 juni : uitverkocht
Sessie 4 : 14 juni : uitverkocht
Sessie 5 : 21 juni : uitverkocht
Sessie 5 : 06 juli : Beschikbaar

How to introduce a queen?

If you want to create a swarm from an existing colony, carefully follow these eight steps:

     Find the queen and make sure you leave her in the original colony.

     Select 4 or 5 frames well stocked with bees, including 2 or 3 frames with closed brood and 2 frames with honey and pollen.

     Place the frames in the following order: start with a frame of honey, followed by 2 to 3 frames of brood, and end with a frame of honey and pollen to assemble your new swarm.

     Move the new swarm to a distance of 2 to 3 meters. This ensures that older fetch bees return to their original hive, leaving only young bees in the new distribution.

     Place the queen in a cage between two brood frames approximately 4 to 5 hours after swarm division.

     Remove the protection from the cage to allow the bees to ingest the food and release the queen herself.

     In case of a shortage of food sources, consider feeding the colony with some syrup.

     Avoid disturbing the new swarm for at least 8 to 9 days. Rather than disturbing the bees to look for the queen, check for the presence of eggs or young larvae.

It is important to note that no introduction is without risk and success can never be guaranteed.

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